This is a portfolio, just with a game-element. You can access my portfolio's different pages, by moving the fox around the level, and find keys that unlock the pages ... or cheat by using the menu on the top right.

A traditional website could of course also showcase my multimedia skills ... but I am all about using My skills, to create great experiences.


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Web/app development

There are a hundred ways to build a website or an app, and it can be a challenge to find the right solution. How the product is developed fully depends on its purpose, and the needs it has to solve.

Therefore, I am a consultant first ... there is no need for an expensive app, if research shows that no one will use it, or to overcomplicate a café-site if the visitors only interest is opening hours and menu.


Just an UI/UX experiment for desktop + mobile. This web-app has no real world application, and only serves as an exploratory exercise.


has it's own solution


Desktop + mobile web-app, and native app for iOS & Android. Developed from one codebase using Framework7 and Cordova-Phonegap. PayPal as debit/credit-card gateway.


Design and development of responsive web-app, on jQuery's mobile framework. Database via PHP & mySQL. Built to accommodate all screensizes and modern browser-platforms.


Desktop + mobile web-app. Developed in 8 hours and written in pure JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Implements LocalStorage for saving data.

Rocket Academy

A tutorial site, that teaches novices how to design and create a website, using my front-end template. The sites are based on a highly visual cms system, anyone can learn.

TDS Calculators

Desktop + mobile web-app. Calculate/convert time, distance, speed. Designed and developed in Noodle.

Game development

The majority of modern desktop and mobile browsers, support languages and APIs that deliver content with (almost) the same performance as apps for the devices. The trend is evident in several development tools that can export content as apps for devices and Web-apps for browsers.

The most utilized mobile browsers allow you to download web apps and save them as a local app, which opens up for new possibilities in terms of distributing interactive content. This portfolio can be saved directly from the mobile browser and run as a native app - no need for an appstore.

Long story short... if you need an advanced native game on an appstore, or a simple browser game you can save as an app - i've got that covered. I develop games for Android, iOS, PC, Mac, Linux, and all the major browser platforms.

The magenta levels

Comming soon for iOS and Android devices. Modelled in Autodesk Maya, and developed in Unity3D. Written in C-sharp


games for web and native apps


For iOS and Android devices. Designed in Sketch + Freehand, and developed in Unity3D. Written in C-sharp

CubriX Challenge

For iOS and Android devices. Modelled in Autodesk Maya, and developed in Unity3D. Written in C-sharp

Doggie Blues 3D

For iOS and Android devices. Modelled in in Autodesk Maya, and developed in Unity3D. Written in UnityScript

Doggie Blues 2D

For iOS and Android devices. Designed and developed in Adobe Flash. Written in ActionScript3

This portfolio

For mobile and desktop browsers. Designed in Adobe Flash, and developed in Construct2. Written in Javascript


Put simply.. storytelling is expressed through a journey across time, place, and events -or through a staging where the viewer creates his own experiences, as an actor.

The term is used in many different industries, and with different purposes. Thier common denominator is to create or facilitate a framework, for a memorable experience.

Storytelling appear in communication of knowledge, marketing, experience economy, film, television, games, and increasingly also websites. It is also reflected in this portfolio, where the interaction design sets a scene with you as an actor.

Taskbuddy 2

Animated in Muvizu and edited i ScreenFlow.


are in the eye of the beholder

Taskbuddy 1

Animated and drawn in Adobe Flash.

Taskbuddy 3

Handycam. Edited in ScreenFlow.

DB3D storyline

Animated and drawn in Adobe Flash.

About me

My name is KununguaK Iversen. I was born and raised in Greenland, and have lived in Denmark since 2004. I've completed high school, art school, the multimedia program, and have been studying for a bachelor's degree in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Professionally, I have tried many things including unskilled laborer, waiter, salesman, airport security, deployed combat soldier (three tours), web designer, game developer and graphic designer / illustrator.

I have always been driven by the desire to create and perfect myself ... which has ensured me skills far beyond the Multimedia education curriculum.

My professional interests revolve around information design and storytelling, as well as interaction design and development. Especially game development has a special place in my heart - as it binds all the fields together, and always bring new challenges.


own reflection

Langs og frameworks

















& styling








Vector graphics
& animation


3D modelling
& animation


I am very focus-oriented, so my phone is switched off while I work.

If you throw an email at me with a subject and Your phonenumber, I'll get back to You on my next break.

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